Monday, August 24, 2020

Baby Popcorn Bobble Pom Pom Beanie Knitting Pattern

Can you believe that it is almost Autumn again ( or Fall if you live in the USA 😄 )

What a year it has been, with lockdown everywhere, I feel almost that we missed out on half of the year.  I have spent the last few months creating a whole new range of baby knitwear. My absolute favourite at the moment is the popcorn bobble patterned outfits, so of course I had to create a lovely snuggly winter baby beanie to match! 

This adorable baby beanie pattern knits up quickly and is fairly easy to knit. A beginner with a little experience, should be able to manage. You just need to be able to knit, purl, decrease and knit the bobble. There is a full explanation and a link to a video that shows you how to make the popcorn bobble -- its a lot easier than you think!

Knit in an Aran / Worsted yarn, with knitting needles size 4mm and 5 mm (US 6 and 8). The hat is knit flat (not in the round), on straight needles, with a seam at the back.  You can knit the whole hat with the bobbles, or just a few rows, or even knit the hat without the bobbles. The hat can be knit as a beanie or you can add a few extra rows, to make a slouchie instead. 

I have added a faux fur pom pom bobble to the top, but you could make a yarn bobble or even leave it off altogether, whichever you like.
The hat knits up soft and stretchy, and you could make up a few for Christmas gifts, for use as a photography prop, or for your own baby to use as everyday babywear.

Knit them up in lovely rich warm winter colours of cream, cinnamon, mustard and browns, or go festive, and use red white and green, or classic smoky pinks and blues... 

The knitting pattern will be in a PDF digital format that you can download from one of my online stores.
Follow whichever store link you prefer, below:

You can also buy the pattern now, directly through Ravelry here

I do also make the hats knit up, if you would rather buy the finished product. You can see them in my shop Crafty Stuff Baby Knits . 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Babys First Christmas

 Christmas time is such a special time of the year. Everyone loves that magical feeling, the twinkling lights, the smell of cinnamon and pine cones, the cheesy music (that we all love, but won't admit it!), and that cosy feeling that yuletide brings.

Having a new baby at Christmas is just lovely, creating special first memories and photographs together.

So of course, I have a range of adorable outfits and hats for your babys first Christmas pictures.

My absolute favourite is this little gingerbread man. Your baby will be warm and snug in the footed outfit for his photoshoot. The romper has a crochet collar, with a green bow tie, 'icing' detail on the sleeves and the beanie, with little red buttons on the chest.  

Handknit baby gingerbread man suit newborn sitter photo prop

Handknit in lovely cuddly alpaca yarn, that is soft against your little boys delicate skin. This is such a fun photography prop. I make them in sizes from newborn baby to sitter size ( approx 9 months old)

Then there is the more traditional Santa suit. This one also has the footed romper and matching Santa hat in red and white, with a little top-knot. You are welcome to add a fluffy pom pom instead. Simply message me. A lovely newborn photo prop outfit.

knitted newborn baby santa suit photo prop first christmas outfit
And of course, I make the chunky traditional Santa hats with wide white brim, red longail and a big pom pom on the end. These are handmade by me, in sizes newborn to 3 years old. So this would be ideal for matching new baby and older sibling sets for your Christmas pics. 

crochet baby santa hat traditional christmas hat for babies photo prop

One of my best selling baby hats for the festive season, is this little Rudolph Reindeer hat. It is crochet, with a big fluffy red bobble nose, felt antlers and big ears!  Handmade in sizes newborn to 12 months old.

rudolph red nose reindeer hat christmas baby hat photo prop newborn

Each year I try to come up with a new suit, and for this holiday season, I have this little romper. The red shorts are knit together with the white top, into a bodysuit style, with red suspender straps, some big black buttons and a matching Santa hat with fluffy brim. Handknit in sizes newborn to 12 months old.

baby christmas santa suit newborn photo prop festive holiday costume

You can see the little suit in more detail in my video below.

As always, you are very welcome to request a custom order, I just love the challenge. 
Simply contact me

You can order your babys first hat or outfit, by visiting my shop or by following the links below:

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Footed Pyjama Rompers for Newborn Photography


footed newborn romper onesie photography prop

My all time favourite newborn photography prop outfit has to be these little footed rompers. 😍
I get all fuzzy when I look at them, like when you see a puppy and your heart just melts, sooooo cute!!

I have probably made hundreds of these over the last few years, and each photographer seems to manage to put their own twist to the photo, making it look unique. 
footed newborn romper onesie photography prop bear suit
The little pajamas all have long sleeves, with a button opening at the back, and a matching bonnet.
Most of the rompers are knit in soft fluffy alpaca, that I brush before shipping, for extra fuzziness!

footed newborn romper onesie photography prop grey bear

The outfits are also handknit by me, in sizes from Newborn (which fits a baby under 15 days old) to a sitter size baby (approx 9 months old).  The suits are meant to fit fairly snugly, not loose like commerical pajamas.  This is so that the lovely baby chubby contours are emphasised in the photos. 
Please note that these are all meant for use as a photography prop, and are not designed (or practical) for sleepwear. 

footed newborn romper onesie photography prop fox

Over the past few years, I have made these little outfits as all kinds of animals. I have those that are currently the most popular listed in my shop, but feel free to contact me  if you would like something different or special.

Some examples of the footed onesies that I have made include:

  • Bear 
  • Bunny
  • Fox
  • Lion
  • Frog
  • Giraffe
  • Cow
  • Angel
  • Mouse
  • Koala
  • Elephant
  • Sleepy cap sets
  • Bee
  • Polar Bear
  • Panda Bear
  • Santa Suit
  • Gingerbread man
  • Snowman Suit

footed newborn romper onesie photography prop
Some of the animals are given little tails, where appropriate, from a bunny pom pom tail, to a wide fox brush-tail, a plaited cow tail and a lion tail with a fuzzy end!

footed newborn romper onesie photography prop
Although the rompers are knit in either brushed or smooth alpaca (because they feel so soft and snuggly against a newborns skin), they can, of course, be knitted in a synthetic yarn if your baby  is allergic to natural yarns, or you simply prefer not to use animal product.

footed newborn romper onesie photography prop gingerbread man christmas

I am always up for a challenge, happy to create a new outfit. Some of my recent favourites are these gingerbread men for Christmas. The suit has a crochet collar, big red buttons, and 'icing' around the sleeves, and on the hat. Then a fun crochet green bow tie is added just for fun!

footed newborn romper onesie photography prop santa father christmas suit
And lets not forget the Santa suits, just perfect for your babys first Christmas. These could also be made as little elf outfits, with a striped hat, with a long tail and pom pom, and the suit made in greens and reds. 

I would love you to browse the outfits that are listed in my shop. You can do this by going to my online store Crafty Stuff Baby Knits, or simply follow a link below:

Simple Classic Style Baby Romper & Bonnet Knitting Pattern

There is something so exciting hearing about a new baby, either your own pregnancy, becoming a granny or simply that special friend who is so thrilled to be expecting, that inspires knitters to bring out their needles and start making something beautiful.

This classic baby romper is just perfect, practical enough for everyday wear for a baby, or to give as a gift for a baby shower.

It is is easy to make, is knit in two pieces, knit flat, NOT in the round, making it a simple pattern for even a beginner to follow. All you need to know is knit, purl, to decrease and increase.

The pattern includes a simple bonnet to match. 

knitting pattern for a simple baby romper

Sleeveless bodysuit style with buttons in the gusset for easy diaper changes.
Buttons on the shoulder straps are optional, you can leave them off, or add ribbon-ties instead. 

Knit the playsuit in a plain colour, or striped. Keep it simple with some pretty buttons, or add a little lace to the front, or around the leg-openings, sew on a fun teddy decal or a pom pom 'tail'.... the possibilities are endless!

The pattern includes instructions for a romper 0-6 months AND
a simple bonnet for sizes Newborn to 6 months old

classic simple plain baby romper pattern

Skill Level : Beginner Intermediate - you need to be able to read a basic pattern, but it is simple to follow

Yarn used: Can be made in any aran knit / worsted/ 10 ply yarn.

Simple instructions, with lots of photos.

Knitting Style: Knit flat

Classic style baby romper knitting pattern

classic style bonnet knitting pattern

The simple bonnet style is just what you need to match the romper. It is also very easy to make, you will want to make loads to match all your babys outfits!

All of my knitting patterns are sold in 3 stores:

My Etsy store : click here 

My LoveCrafts store : Click here 
My Ravelry store : Click here 

OR Buy NOW from Ravelry here

If you would like me to knit the outfit for you, I make them in several sizes and colours, follow the link below:

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Easy Baby Bear Ears Bonnet Knitting Pattern

Every baby deserves a cute bear ears bonnet.  This is my knitting pattern for a Newborn Teddy Bear Bonnet. This is my BEST Seller! A must for any new baby and newborn photography prop maker!

knitting pattern for a newborn baby bear ears bonnet photography prop

The bonnet is meant for small babies, is great as a photo-prop. I used Drops Melody yarn for the fuzzy look, but you can use any double knit/ worsted yarn.

knitting pattern for bear hat

The pattern gives the option of a ribbed or plain finish around babys face
knitting pattern for a baby bear hat

**Pattern Size: It will fit approx Newborn-3 months old babies depending on the yarn that you use.

**Skill Level : Easy- intermediate

**Yarn used: I used a slightly fluffy mohair blend, but you can use any Double Knit (light Worsted/ 8 ply), or a fluffy yarn like Drops Melody

All of my knitting patterns are sold in 3 stores:

My Etsy store : click here 

My LoveCrafts store : Click here 
My Ravelry store : Click here 

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Or I can knit the bonnet for you... 

New baby sleeping sack swaddle wrap knitting PATTERN

We all know that the adorable little sleeping baby that you ever so gently put down in the crib, softly so as not to disturb them, tucking in the blankets as you quietly back away..... will be completely uncovered in ten seconds! 

That is where the sleeping bag swaddle comes in handy!

knitting pattern for a baby sleeping bag swaddle newborn

Keep your baby cuddly and warm in this little swaddle sack, which has a ribbed shaped top, with armholes, so that your baby can still wiggle, but so that little legs cant kick off the blankets.
The draw-string bottom edge allows easy diaper changes, without having to take the whole thing off a sleepy infant..

Make one as a lovely baby shower gift, or for bringing home your own baby in the car.

An Easy- Intermediate knit 
This is knit flat, not in the round! Yay!. 
You will need to be able to knit, purl and do simple knit 2,  purl 2 ribbing.

Knitted in a fluffy bulky yarn like Drops Melody. (Or any Bulky yarn )
Needle size 7mm or US 10 1/2 or US11

Simple instructions, with lots of photos.
baby sleeping sack swaddle

All of my knitting patterns are sold in 3 stores:

My Etsy store : click here 

My LoveCrafts store : Click here 
My Ravelry store : Click here 

Buy Now from Ravelry :

Easy Roll Brim Baby Bear Beanie Knitting Pattern

Baby Bear Ears Beanie - Knitting PATTERN 

All of my knitting patterns are designed for simplicity. No complicated or fiddly bits, making them easy for a new knitter. 

This is one of my absolute best selling knitting patterns, as it is so versatile and easy, and quick to knit. You could whip up a few in a weekend.

knitting pattern for a simple baby bear ears hat

The simple roll-brim edging is so that you can roll the brim up or down as baby grows.

Perfect for newborn and sitter size photo props, or as a gift for a new mum, but these are so quick and easy to make, you will be making a bunch for your baby too 😀

All you need to be able to do, is knit, purl and decrease.

Knit the hat without the ears for a simple hat that you can add a pom pom to, or sew a row of fun buttons, even add a plait. 

roll brim hat knitting pattern easy baby hat pdf


Yarn: Double Knit (8 ply) or any yarn that is 11 wraps per inch
Knitting Needles: 5mm / US 8

Notes: This pattern is knit flat, not in the round, with a seam at the back-- see I told you it was easy! No knitting in the round with four finicky needles 😂

SIZING: 0-3 months / 3-6 months / 6-12 months. If you would like a newborn size, then simply knit the smallest size, on needles one size smaller. 

SKILL LEVEL : Beginner-intermediate

All of my knitting patterns are sold in 3 stores:

My Etsy store : click here 

My LoveCrafts store : Click here 
My Ravelry store : Click here 

Buy Now from Ravelry : 

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